The good neighbour 2013

The Good Neighbour takes a look at the Norwegian oil company Statoil’s operations in the Canadian oil sands.

Statoil, a major oil company with the Norwegian government as its majority owner, has in recent years expanded its operations well beyond its borders and is now a major player in the oil sands operations in western Canada. Statoil has always promoted itself as a responsible and eco-friendly company, but how do they fulfill this vision in the oil rich sand among the natives in Alberta? Norwegian Julie Strand Offerdal decides to get to the bottom of the issue by embarking upon an epic journey across Canada.


Length: 59 minutes
Director: Astrid Schau-Larsen
Producer: Astrid Schau-Larsen,  Julie Strand Offerdal and Morvary Samaré


In God We Trust – 2011 

In 2003 President Bush launched the largest initiative ever made towards the fight against HIV/AIDS. The President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief secured 15 billion dollars towards prevention, treatment and care in 13 focus countries. However, the funding came with restrictions. Out of the prevention package, 1/3 of the money had to be spent on Abstinence until marriage campaigns. Condoms could only be promoted to “high risk” groups, and only combined with an abstinence message.

‘In God We Trust’ looks at what the effects are of these ideological driven values of the PEPFAR program on the ground in Uganda. How has the funding changed the prevention approach inUganda, and has it managed to curb the epidemic, or has it rather led to the prevalence rates rising again? What role does religion play in the larger scope of international aid and prevention against HIV/AIDS?

Length: 39 minutes
Director: Astrid Schau-Larsen
Producer: RAMZ MEDIA
Photo: Astrid Schau-Larsen, Morvary  Samaré
Adviser: Oscar Ranzo
Edit: Astrid Schau-Larsen
Financing: RAMZ
Format: HD 16:9


Premiere: Bergen International Film Festival, Norway 2011



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Ghosts – 2010



Three Arab-Canadian men are detained and tortured for months and years in Syria and Egypt. Upon their release they return to Canada struggling to find some answers as to why they were detained and tortured. An internal inquiry into their cases, the Iacobucci Inquiry, reveals that the Canadian government was complicit in their detention and torture. The camera team follows the lives and cases of the men for a year and a half as the men fight to leave the horror of torture behind them. This is a powerful and intimate documentary about the fragile balance between democracy, human rights and national security fears. It is also a portrait of life after torture experiences.


Length: 53 minutes
Director: Morvary Samare
Producer: Morvary Samare,  Astrid Schau-Larsen, Børrea  Schau-Larsen
Photo: Astrid Schau-Larsen, Morvary Samare
Music: James Hedberg
Edit: Astrid Schau-Larsen
Financing: Homes Not Bombs, Educators for Justice, RAMZ
Format: 16:9 (Letterbox)







  • Montreal Human Rights Film Festival / March 18 2010 (Montreal / Canada)
  • Cinema Politica / March 22 2010 (Montreal / Canada)
  • Ottawa Public Library / April 26 2010 (Ottawa / Canada)
  • Parliament Hill / May 3 2010 (Ottawa / Canada)
  • University of Laval / May 5 2010 (Quebec City / Canada)
  • Doxa Documentary Film Festival / May 13 2010 (Vancouver / Canada)
  • Philadelphia Documentary and Fiction Festival / Official selection (Philadelphia / USA)
  • Undergroud Cinema / June 24 2010 / Manly Films and 2010 Peoples Summit Coalition (Toronto / Canada)
  • Cinema Nizhny Novgorod / “Committee Against Torture” / June 26 2010 (Nizhny Novgorod / Russia)
  • Yerevan / Foundation Against Violation of Law / June 26 2010 (Yerevan / Armenia)
  • University of Regina / October 26 2010 (Regina / Canada)
  • University of Lillehammer / October 27 2010 (Lillehammer / Norway)
  • University of Tronheim; Cinema Politica / November 10 2010 (Trondheim / Norway)
  • Amnesty International Film Festival / November 19 2010 (Vancouver / Canada)
  • Reel Awareness Amnesty International Film Festival / November 20 2010 (Toronto / Canada)
  • QPIRG Concordia’s KEEPING IT REEL Subversive Cinema Series / February 17th 2011 (Montreal / Canada)
  • Salt Spring Film Festival / March 2011 (Salt Springs / Canada)
  • Cinema Politica Fredricton/April 2011, Canada
  • Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival April 2011


The Audience Choice Award of  Montréal Human Rights Film Festival 2010

Distribution Company

Sideways Film

TV Sales

Al Jazeera Network, SIC – Sociedade Independente de Comunicacao, Polish Broadcaster TVP


 Cloud Nine  – 2009

Cloud Nine: Cleansing the World of Cluster Bombs, follows a team of clearance personnel based in Guinea Bissau. Steve Ballinger and his wife, Cassandra Mckowen, co-founded Cleared Ground Demining in 2005 with the intention of making a difference in the world of mines action. The film puts the experiences of humanitarian deminers to the fore: What motivates them to spend their lives clearing the land of unexploded ordnance?

Since WW2 cluster munitions have affected the lives of more than 400 million people worldwide. 90% of victims are civilians; 2/3 of these are children. In December 2008 The Convention on Cluster Munitions was signed in Oslo, Norway to set a new standard of international humaninatrian law to protect civilians in conflict. But how effective will this treaty be when the major military powers refuse to sign and financial institutions keep pouring money into the making of these weapons?

This film raises important questions relating to the use of indiscriminate weapons and brings our attention to the long-term ramifications for affected communities.


Cluster bombs Full Edition
Length: 28 minutes
Director: Børrea Schau-Larsen
Producer: Børrea Schau-Larsen
Photo: Astrid Schau-Larsen
Animation: David Seitz
Research: Morvary Samare
Edit: Astrid Schau-Larsen
Financing: The Norwegian Foreign Minister, The Rieber Foundation, The Visjon Vest Foundation.
                                             Format: HD 16:9


    • Cluster Munition Coalition
    • Human Rights Watch
    • A Film for Peace Film Festival / 2009 (Lestizza / Italy)
    • Kassel Documentary Film Festival / November 2009 (Kassel / Germany)
    • Cinema Politica / March 30 2011 (Montreal / Canada)


SKYGGENES DAL (Remains) – 2006

Remains is a sensitive documentary about the memories and trauma of sexual abuse. It portrays the life of three siblings who claim that their father abused them as children. Trym, now 24 years old, has been hospitalized several times because of depression and suicide attempts. His younger brother, Ståle, has moved to Denmark to get away from the past. Their 30-year-old sister, Camilla, also living in Denmark, feels that after years of self-destructive behavior she may finally have found some sort of peace.

With great honesty and openness, the three siblings share their memories of sexual abuse. Their mother, Bente, share her suffering and feelings of guilt for not having been able to protect her children. The siblings did not succeed in getting legal justice, primarily because their case was based on memories rather than physical evidence. The father agreed to the making of this documentary, but did not wish to participate in the film.

Sexual abuse is one of the greatest social taboos in Norway and the aim of this documentary is to try to break the silence. The main focus is the damage that childhood sexual abuse inflicts on its victims, and the consequences of such abuse on their daily lives. The story of Camilla, Trym and Ståle is representative of many victims who lack the courage to go to court and who, like the three siblings, have to struggle with the consequences of their abuse on a daily basis.

Central questions are: Can memories of a painful past and broken trust be remedied through years of medication? Why is sexual abuse against children such a great taboo in many societies? Can one ever really be free from the past, and how much can a human heart forgive?

Remains Full Edition

Length: 85 minutes / 52 minutes
Director: Morvary Samare, Astrid Schau-Larsen
Producer: Ramz Media, SMIH
Photo: Astrid Schau-Larsen
Edit: Astrid Schau-Larsen
Music: José Gonzalez
Financing: The Rieber Foundation, The Visjon Vest Foundation, Anna Jebsens Minnefond, Grieg Foundation, UKOS
 Format:  16:9 (Letterbox)



  • Vienna International Human Rights Film Festival / December 2008 (Austria)
  • WT Os International Film Festival / November 2008 (Norway)
  • Seoul Human Rights Film Festival / May 2008 (South-Korea)
  • Our Island, Our World Film Festival / March 2008 (Canada)
  • Zagreb International Documentary Festival / February 2008 (Croatia)
  • Dhaka 10th International Short & Independent Film Festival /February 2008(Bangladesh)
  • Ourense International Independent Film Festival / November 2007 (Spain)
  • Nürnberg Human Rights Film Festival / October 2007 (Germany)
  • Bergen Filmklubb / 2007 (Norway)
  • Krakow International Film Festival / 2007 (Poland)
  • DOXA Documentary Film Festival / 2007 (Canada)
  • Verdensteateret TIFF Tromsø / 2007 (Norway)
  • Bergen International Film Festival / 2006 (Norway)


The Jury Award for Best Documentary Film/Ourense Independent Film Festival, Young Talent Award/Bergen International Film Festival


  • Innoncece En Danger, The 3rd International Conference of Psychotraumatology and Mediation / February 2008 (Neuchâtel Switzerland)
  • KRIS, 3 screenings / November 2007 (Torshavn, Klagsvig/ Faroe Islands)

Notes: Available “Remains”(50 min). Thanks to the GC Rieber Fondene and Visjon Vest, we can now offer a 50 min version of Remains. We recommend this shorter version for school screenings and seminars.