2015 – The Good Neighbour will be broadcast three times on Swedish television (Kunskapskanalen) in November

– 12/11                  20.00 (CET)

– 13/11                  23.00 (CET)

– 18/11                  17.00 (CET)

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2014 – The Good Neighbour wins Award at the Ekotop Film Festival in Bratislava, Slovakia






2014 – Film International writes about The Good Neigbhour:

”Not one element of Astrid Schau-Larsen’s documentary The Good Neighbour is superfluous. For this and many tangential reasons alone it is appreciable; the 58-minute investigative effort principally concerned with relaying information and opinions as concisely as possible is satisfied with its borderline feature-length running time, sustains an acute focus on the subject, and the camera calls attention to everything but itself. ”

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2014 – Review about the Good Neighbour was published in the Canadian magazine Alternatives: 

The Good Neighbour: What´s it like to live next door to Norwegian-owned Statoil´s Alberta oil sands operations?

While writing her master’s thesis on Statoil’s social investments, Julie found it difficult to navigate the polarized dialogue surrounding oil sands development. She decided to see first-hand just how good a neighbour Statoil has been, and set out on the roughly 4,500-kilometre trip from Montreal to Alberta in a converted diesel truck that ran on used vegetable oil collected largely from restaurants and diners encountered on the way.

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2014 – International Day of Action for Women´s Health

Today, 28th of May, is the International Day of Action for Women´s Health. The right to safe abortion worldwide is one of the topics to be considered on this day. We would like to remind our audiences that our film ´Conception´ is being used byInternational Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion at present and for those of you who wish to watch it, please follow the link below

Link to ´Conception´
2014 –  The latest Swedish review, published in OmVärlden last week:

“Den goda grannen” ställer oss på ett stimulerande sätt inför viktiga frågor, om betingelser för vårt välstånd, om vem som i slutändan får betala priset och om vårt eget ansvar för en utveckling som alla vet inte är hållbar. Filmen som är gjord av Astrid Schau-Larsen har internationell premiär 25 maj på Göteborgs indiefilmfestival.

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2014-The international premiere of ´The Good Neighbour´ took place during the week-end

The venue was at the Gothenburg Independent Film Festival in Sweden.

2014 – Our short film ‘Conception’ is now part of  the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion

Last year we finalized our short film Conception which highlights the different sides of the ongoing abortion debate. Our idea was to make a short piece which focuses on some of the root thoughts behind the Christian pro-life/anti-choice movement.

International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion is a global campaign with the aim to inform and promote the importance of women having access to safe and legal abortion. The campaign views this issues as a health and human rights based.