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About Ramz Media
Ramz Media was founded in 2005 in Norway. The production house is very passionate about fusing film making with the universal human rights. We focus primarily  on issues relating to social and political issues globally. and believe that  media and film making are methods to contribute to awareness, education and inspiration amongst international audiences.
We find inspiration in every day people across the world and are always interested in finding new and creative ways of telling stories to our audiences. 
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Morvary Samaré

was born in 1981 in Tehran/Iran, but moved to Sweden with her family as a young child. Samaré is a dedicated human rights promoter, passionate about using audiovisual documentation as a social justice medium. With a clever and creative approach to storytelling, Samaré has worked as  director and producer in Ramz. However she has also worked as  sound-editor and researcher on several other projects. Samaré holds a MA in Political Science from the University of Lund in Sweden, during which she mostly focused on international relations and human rights. After receiving her MA she started her film studies at the European Film College in Denmark.
Astrid Schau-Larsen

was born in Bergen, Norway in 1981. She works as a director and producer as well as being the main cinematographer and editor at Ramz. It was through her extensive travels and studies Astrid grew a passion and strong belief in international human rights. Always having an interested or photography, she swears by the power of creative documentary films as a medium for both professional and civic engagement and awareness-raising. During her film studies at the European Film College, she started creating a platform for making socially committed film. After two years of documentary filmmaking Astrid went back to university and did her MA in Religious Studies at Concordia University, Montreal. The documentary “In God We Trust” was part of her thesis, for which she was rewarded the MA of Excellence Award. She has her BA in Religious Studies from the University of Bergen, with a double minor in Psychology and Middle Eastern History. She furthermore has a minor in Marketing and Business from The Norwegian Business School.